Photo: Olaf Amberg    "I am not very interested to draw in a naturalistic style. Playing with shapes is what I prefer. I play with them and let them grow in the way I miss and see seldom in the world. They have to be disturbing, strange and living.
   It saves my graphics from being constructs and objects only and creates an association to the reality, because there is no more interesting contrast for me than the one between the beauty and the threat, describing the same object or being.
    This is what I try to catch. As long as both impressions balance each other the situation is unpredictable - a synonym for the complexity and the many-sidedness of life."

   The concept of this site is very simple. It is a place for presentation and experiment and contains a synopsis of the artwork so far. Its core is a gallery - drawings, etchings and designs.


Stefan Pautze
E-Mail: stefan[at]
Phone: +49 162 9158249 (UTC+1)

Exhibitions / Projects / Biography

2023-12 "Freiheitsgrade" (Degrees of Freedom) at Büchers Best, Dresden, Germeny (solo exhibition)

2023-06 "Hatfest - Celebrating the Discovery of an APERIODIC MONOtile" an der Oxford University, Oxford, United Kingdom (participation)

2022-06 "Aperiodic Tilings 2022 - A meeting and mathematical art exhibition in honour of Uwe Grimm" at The Open University - School of Mathematics and Statistics, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom (participation)

2022-06 "Freiheitsgrade" (Degrees of Freedom) at the Radebeul Town Gallery, Radebeul, Germeny (solo exhibition)

2021-08 "Space-Filling, Self-Similar Curves of Regular Pentagons, Heptagons and Other n-Gons" (scientific paper)

2019-10 "Digital Territory", Demoscene Festival, Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, Germany

2017-11 "Drei Dimensionen der Ebene" (Three Dimensions of the Plane) in the Kunstpavillon, Munich (participation)

2017-01 "Cyclotomic Aperiodic Substitution Tilings" (scientific paper)

2016-09 "Die Neuen" (The New) in the Harderbastei, Ingolstadt (participation)

2016-01 Membership in the Berufsverband Bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler Oberbayern Nord und Ingolstadt e.V.

2014-09 "Aggregate" (Aggregat) in the Kubrick, Beijing, China (solo exhibition)

2012-02 "Aggregate" (Aggregat) in the Gallery Adam Ziege in Dresden (solo exhibition)

2011-06 "KNARK-ART.zapfenstreich" in the Krautwaldfabrik in Dresden (participation)

2011-04 "Bilder_innen. Kunst auf der Kippe" (Fe_male Pictures. Art in between) in the Fischladen in Dresden (participation)

2010-11 "Das Böse in schwarzweiß" (The Evil in Black and White) in the in Dresden (participation)

2010-01 "ICH" (I) in the in Dresden (participation)

2009-05 "Sichel und Schar" (Sickle and Set) in the in Dresden (solo exhibition)

2008-10 "Kunst & Konzert" (Art & Concert) in the Theatre of Ingolstadt (participation)

2008-02 "Staubkaskade" (The Cascade and its Dust), experimental short animation movie, 5':46''

   2010-12 ARES Film & Media Festival, Syracuse, Italy (in competition)
   2010-11 Oaxaca International Independent Film and Video Festival, Oaxaca, Mexico (in competition)
   2010-10 Großstadtherz, Dresden, Germany
   2010-10 Façade Video Festival, Plovdiv, Bulgaria (in competition)
   2010-09 Simultan Festival, Timisoara, Romania
   2010-09 Indie Can Film Festival, Ontario, Canada
   2010-09 Alpha-ville Festival, London, Großbritannien
   2010-09 Rome International Film Festival, Rome, Georgia, USA (in competition)
   2010-09 Freilaender Stage @ Hechtfest, Dresden, Germany
   2010-08, Florence, Italy (in competition)
   2010-08 Bangkok IndieFest, Bangkok, Thailand (in competition)
   2010-06 Festival of Nations, Ebensee, Austria (in competition)
   2010-06 Cologne Commons, Cologne, Germany
   2010-05 plattform:[no budget], Tübingen, Germany
   2010-05 Cannes Independent Film Festival, Cannes, France (in competition)
   2010-05 6th Anniversary of, Dresden, Germany
   2010-04 Urban Nomad Film Festival 城市遊牧影展, Taipeh, Taiwan (in competition)
   2010-03 Byron Bay International Film Festival, Byron Bay, Australia
   2010-02 Cinequest Film Festival, San Jose, USA (in competition)
   2010-01 Festival Internacional de Cine y Concurso de Cortometrajes "PREMIOS DEL PÚBLICO",
      Quito, Ecuador (in competition)
   2009-12 CAMBOFEST 2009, Kampot, Cambodia (in competition)
   2009-11 DaKINO Bucharest International Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania (in competition)
   2009-11 Euroshorts 2009 Festival, Warszawa, Poland (in competition)
   2009-10 Seguin Film and Arts Festival, Seguin, USA (in competition)
   2009-10 Festival Chileno Internacional del Cortometraje de Santiago FESANCOR,
      Santiago de Chile, Chile (in competition)
   2009-10 Darklight Festival, Dublin, Ireland
   2009-10 11th International Panorama of Independent Filmakers, Patras, Greece (in competition)
   2009-09 flEXiff 2002-2022, Sydney, Australia (in competition)
   2009-08 Strasbourg International Film Festival, Strasbourg, France
   2009-08 Asolo Art Film Festival, Asolo, Italy (in competition)
   2009-08 SCINEMA Festival of Science Film, Australia (in competition)
   2009-07 18th St.George Bank Brisbane International Film Festival, Brisbane, Australia (in competition)
   2009-07 Revelation Perth International Film Festival, Perth, Australia (in competition)
   2009-06 Ahmedabad International Film Festival, Ahmedabad, India (in competition)
   2009-06 In the Palace International Short Film Festival, Balchik, Bulgaria (in competition)
   2009-06 Message To Man International Film Festival, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
   2009-06 Filmer la Musique #3, Paris, France
   2009-05 backup_festival, Weimar, Germany (in competition)
   2009-05 VIS Vienna Independent Shorts, Vienna, Austria
   2009-05 Bridge Fest, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina (in competition)
   2009-04 Las Vegas International Film Festival, Las Vegas, USA (in competition)
   2009-02 The Engine Collision Festival, Los Angeles, USA
   2009-02 Big Muddy Film Festival, Carbondale, USA (in competition)
   2009-02 Anti Oxidant BK Video Salon, New York, USA
   2009-02 New Beijing International Movie Week 中外青年电影交流周北京, Beijing, China
   2009-01 International Film Festival Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands
   2009-01 Filmbrunch Dresden, Dresden, Germany
   2008-12 Florence International Film Festival, Florence, Italy (in competition)
   2008-12 Zero Film Fest, Los Angeles, USA (Purple Heart)
   2008-12 6th CINECITY The Brighton Film Festival, Brighton, Great Britain
   2008-11 Sopot Film Festival 2008, Sopot, Poland
   2008-11 5th International Short Film Festival of Cusco FENACO Peru,
      Cusco, Peru (in competition)
   2008-10 4th International Independent Film Festival of La Plata Festi-Freak,
      La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentinia (in competition)
   2008-10 Lucca Film Festival 2008, Lucca Italy (in competition)
   2008-05 23rd Days of Modern Art Festival, Białystok, Poland
   2008-04 20th Filmfest Dresden, Dresden, Germany

2007-12 "The Age of Uncertainties" in the Deep In The Woods Studios, New York (participation)

2006-12 "BEST OF - Sieben Jahre Galerie Treibhaus" (BEST OF - 7th anniversary) in the Gallery Treibhaus in Dresden (participation)

2005-05 "Überreichweiten / Staubkaskade" (Broadcasting so far / The Cascade and its Dust) in the gallery P38118 in Brunswick (solo exhibition)

2004-10 "Brühl Begehungen" (Brühl Inspections) at the Brühl in Chemnitz (participation)

2003-05 "Kunst auf Rezept" (Art on Prescription) in the Gallery Apotheke Mitte Berlin (participation)

2002-01 "Grafik-Intermezzo" in the Gallery Storkower Bogen Berlin (with Andreas Bauschke)

2001-11 "Synthesis" in the Gallery Treibhaus (Hothouse) Dresden (participation)

2001-09 "Fangkreis" in the TeaSign (part 1) und Haarwerk (part 2) in Berlin (solo exhibitions)

2001-06 "Fangkreis" (Circle of Focus) in the Gallery Treibhaus Dresden (solo exhibition)

2001-05 - 2002-04 "ORNÖ" #9 (Dresden), #11 (Berlin), #12 (Dresden) (participations)

2001-03 "Schwarzdrall" (Black Spin) in the Concert Cafe in Leipzig (solo exhibition)

2000-12 "Karfunkel" (a legendary ruby) in the Gallery Treibhaus in Dresden (participation)

1999-06 "Park'n" - DJ & Art Festival during the 9th Elbhangfest (a local festival) Dresden (participation)

1999-04 Opening exhibition of the Gallery Treibhaus Dresden (participation)

1998-11 "Aktion Ungekämmt" (Project Uncombed) in the Gallery Treibhaus Dresden (participation)

1998-04 "Farben und Töne" (Colours and Tunes) in the club Cepter in Dresden (participation)

1998-03 "Sonderzeichen" (Special Characters) in the Club Passage in Dresden (solo exhibition)

Since 1997-07 present in the internet

1996 - 2003 Studium of electrotechnical engineering in the Dresden University of Technics

1996-06 "Mein Geschenk an die Realität" (My Present to Reality) in the Humpty Record Store Dresden (solo exhibition)

Since 1996 itaglio printing (etching and aquatinta)

1995-03 "Graphik Abstrus" in the club Noteingang (Emergency Entry) in Radebeul (solo exhibition)

1994 - 1999 Object art at techno parties: Planar (1994-1996, Dresden), Plastic Phreak (1996-1998, Dresden), Recycle (1998-2000, Dresden), M&M-Events (1999, Cottbus) und TMD (2000, Chemnitz)

1994-02 Debut. "Graphik" in the Gymnasium Luisenstift Radebeul (solo exhibition)

1993 - 1997 Art using the computer Commodore 64 / Member of the demo-group Reflex 64

1992 First experiments with graphic during school lessons because of acute boredom ...

1978 ... born in Radebeul Germany, the navel of the valley.